PLEASE STOP Hawking That guy

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Re: PLEASE STOP Hawking That guy

You have not heard of him because of his photographic images, you have heard of him as he is an internet blogger who writes a lot of words (many misleading and with an agenda different to the one he portrays. He writes what he claims to be "reviews" which are intentionally controversial and misleading, and have little regard for facts. this seems to be read by a significant number who believe all he says. At least the talentless celebs in many papers do not pretend to be experts.

He also begs for money, when if other posters here are to believed he is making large amounts of money off the website.

A lot of reviews by Rockwell are excellent and his data is VERY useful and all on one site for FREE.

He is 100% forthcoming that his views are OPINIONS.

I agree with KR about the same amount as any other reviewer. He's one of many voices and is obviously a talented one to generate so much interest.

He does not BEG for money. His site is free and no one has to pay a thing. If you do some research you may get a clue as to what his site generates; it's fairly substantial. Lots of sites welcome donations. So what? Most people here have visited and USED his website HUNDREDS of times. So it's a big deal to toss the guy 50 cents or a buck for being a help?

So who is Ken Rockwell? He's a photographer, writer and website blogger who has built up one of the largest and best online databanks for Nikon gear. He's a HUGE success and has earned it.

The critics here are useless and bitter. Go create your own website. DO SOMETHING (anything) constructive.


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