What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

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Re: What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

I don't know why everyone is hating on it. I think it's a tremendous camera. It addresses so many things I've wanted in a compact camera.

First of all, a good fastish lens that goes all the way to 24mm. Something the RX100 never gave me. A tilt screen that goes 180 degrees for those shots that 25 year old girls always want to take. Touch screen! Something that RX100 nor X20 gave me. And if the EOS M did one thing right, it had a really good touch screen. It looks like it can do 1080p video at 30 fps, which is pretty good.

As for the Stylus 1, f/2.8 just isn't fast enough for me, not at 1/1.7" but here's a camera that has a sensor even bigger than my GH3. I've been going around with the 12-35mm on my GH3 a lot because it's the only wide angle I have. This could help me go around with a lighter prime and maybe a lighter camera while I can take the Canon for wide angle shots and movies, because Canon cameras usually take excellent video in my experience.

Plus, it's honestly cheap at the price they're asking. RX100 II is only $100 less and has a much less impressive lens and a much smaller sensor. Plus, EM10 is great, but you need a lens for it. To get a lens that can rival the G1X lens will cost you a pretty fortune. I think for any situation where I need speed, gotta go for my GH3, but for any social setting, a G1X should excel.

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