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Re: Apple? and BD longevity

CAcreeks wrote:

As Malch (if I recall correctly) pointed out, the lack of any NIST longevity study is disturbing. I did find this French study saying to avoid LTH Blu-Ray disc:

I am really skeptical about optical media as a very long term (50 year) archival vehicle.

My experience with DVD's has been poor. There is no independently certified Blu-Ray media. We do know of documented cases of bad batches of Blu-Ray disks. Stuff happens. But that means one has to burn multiple copies preferably using disks from different sources.

I think one might as well accept that data needs to be rewritten and verified on a fairly regular basis (like 5 years). We know for a fact that HDD's are reasonably reliable over that timeframe.

So, if you have to do that regular rewriting, it makes sense to use a technology which will handle it efficiently. For me, that's HDD and definitely not optical.

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