PLEASE STOP Hawking That guy

Started Feb 11, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Ken Piedrapozo's in it for the money...

He's just looking to support his "growing family".  I just wish he'd stop pimping his minor children at every opportunity, or posting test shots of that same stupid palm tree.

I don't presume to understand the convoluted economics of the Errornet, but I imagine every time someone merely mentions his name, looks at his site or clicks on one of his links, his little cash register rings.  The guy's nothing more than an internet huckster and charlatan; selling snake oil to all the unsuspecting rubes has always been profitable.

I suspect Piedrapozo also spends his afternoons sitting by the pool posting all manner of silly comments on photo forums, both positive and negative, under a variety of pseudonyms, precisely to fuel these kinds of pointless threads.  It just serves to increase his name recognition, and pay for his kids' college educations.

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