ISO Dial Obsession

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Re: ISO Dial Obsession

rich789 wrote:

What is the big deal about finally having an ISO dial on a modern camera.

It was fine on film cameras where you mainly only changed the ISO when you used a roll of film that was a different speed. Surely it is easier and quicker to assign a FN button to ISO ,no need to take your eye from the viewfinder, look down at the camera to see what you are doing, press a button, turn a dial and maybe want to do it all again for the next shot.

Is it just nostalgia or am I missing something here.

Some people might say that if you don't see the need, you really don't need an ISO dial. I say that once it has lent a hand, you might very well see it as a friend from there on out.

In the past I have taken a lot of photographs where I saw something unfolding in the distance and I had to move to another point to take the shot. Depending on the conditions, hitting buttons and looking at screens may simply not be ideal. Also, sometimes, when there is a lot going on or a decent amount of time since your last shot, you may not remember exactly what your ISO setting is. These reasons make an ISO dial a very convenient addition. It is just a quick way of checking and/or changing the setting without needing to look through the viewfinder, or shade glare from an lcd, or what have you.

Personally, I take it 2 steps further.

1. I absolutely detest using lenses without aperture rings. Same principle, as well as better handling in my opinion.

2. While I am not sure I feel comfortable doing this with Fuji, with Leica, depending on the lens, I love to prefocus as well. I can not tell you how many times I have gotten to my spot and only had to lift, frame, and fire in order to get the shot. In addition, the scene has changed or deteriorated but a moment later, and I am glad to have had virtually nothing to do upon my arrival in order to get what I needed.

Lastly, if, for whatever reason, your camera happens to be off, you have all those controls right in front of you and at your fingertips.

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