Suggestions and which backpack do you use?

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Re: Suggestions and which backpack do you use?

123Mike wrote:

Dave Oddie wrote:

I use a LowePro Flipside 400 and in that I carry A77, 11-18, 16-80, 70-300G, 500mm mirror and Sigma 105 macro. I can mount any lens on the front and still fit the others in.

Awesome lenses. You value quality and don't mess with super zooms obviously (even though someone could make a reasonable case for those). I'm the same way. Now that I discovered what a good lens provides, there is no going back. I can't tolerate anything even slightly mushy. 75-300's are out. It's 55-300 now - much sharper. Kit lens (18-55), out, replaced with 17-50/2.8. 35/1.8. Min 24-85RS sometimes. Fish eye. The rest is gathering dust. Oh wait, the BC is fun at times, because the bokeh is nice and it's brighter than my 55-300 (but not sharper).

I was very lucky with the 70-300G and 500mm as I got them when a camera store was closing down for more or less half price.  I am very happy with the quality of all my lenses

There is still a spare slot destined for a fish-eye one day!

Totally recommend the Samyang or the other names (10+?) it goes by. It's a total riot, that lens. Can be found for ~$250 new from time to time. Totally worth it.

That is the one I intend to get.  I tend to end up with one new bit if kit each year if I am lucky (Christmas or birthday) as I can't just go out and buy new lenses at the drop of a hat.   It has taken me quite a while to assemble that collection.

The flip side design is great because you don't have to lay the back of the pack that goes against your body down in the mud to open it!

The fastpack allows you to do that too. The thing with the flipside though, is that it puts the weight on a single shoulder. Does that not end up hurting you though?

Mine is a rucksack, not a one shoulder strap thing.  I think the smaller flipsides are one shoulder strap packs maybe.  The 400 and 500 are rucksack types.

If you are paranoid about theft in cities the flip side stops people unzipping the camera compartment when in crowds.

I know in some European cities this might happen, but in Canada where I am, that sort of thing is completely unheard of. Even the criminals are too civilized for that here. I've seen some pretty nifty teams of crooks in action in Amsterdam though. One distracts you, the other takes your stuff. Unbelievable.

Never happened to me in places like London but I have heard of it elsewhere in Europe

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