14mm or 23mm... (and I hardly ever do this)

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Re: 14mm or 23mm... (and I hardly ever do this)

From a guy that owns both and has made some use of them:

Based on what you own: 14mm, no question, unless landscapes aren't your thing or street and people are mainly what you shoot.

Based on if you were to only carry one lens or for more versatility: 23mm. You can step back, do panorama, use as landscape. But you can hardly use the 14mm for people and you lose resolution once you zoom in.

Based on best lens: 14mm. From my prelim tests, it's sharper than the 23mm.

Based on value, given the discounts: 23mm. I don't think you will find many chances to get it that cheap, unlike the 14mm which you can always buy from ebay new & discounted.

Based on future Fuji plans: 14mm. Basically you might wanna get the fast zoom lens in the future which comes close to the 1.4 aperture, unless background blur is really your thing. Even so, you have other lenses you can use for this purpose. Or unless you will not wanna carry the big&heavy zoom in which case it's a tie.

Based on my style of shooting: 23mm.

If I only had 0.01 sec to answer this question, I would reply with the 23mm.

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Fuji XE-2, Canon FD 50 1.2L + SB, Fuji 27mm 2.8, Fuji 23mm 1.4, Fuji 14mm 2.8, Bower 8mm 2.8

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