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Re: Apple? and BD longevity

PepsiCan wrote:

Initially I thought you were referring to the Beatles' record label but then it dawned on me there is a computer manufacturer that has about 9% of the world wide PC market.

50th anniversary of the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, whoever he was!

I don't understand why the English went through history with very few great composers, and the bam! The English Invasion, as we call it in the USA. Amazing stuff.

On a serious note, BluRay was never designed as a computer medium. It was designed as the DVD successor. And it still offers superior image and sound quality over anything that streams. Note also, that the size of the market for streaming is still smaller than for hard copies.

Ironically, many of us feel that Blu-Ray might be more useful as an archiving medium than for entertainment.

As Malch (if I recall correctly) pointed out, the lack of any NIST longevity study is disturbing. I did find this French study saying to avoid LTH Blu-Ray disc:

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