14mm or 23mm... (and I hardly ever do this)

Started Feb 11, 2014 | Questions thread
brooklyn geezer Forum Member • Posts: 97
Re: 14mm or 23mm... (and I hardly ever do this)

I keep asking myself about the 23. Can I justify the 23 if I am buying the 14 and/or 35.  I am settling on 14 and 35.  My thinking is there is a good chance I will get the 23 in a x100s (or 200!) down the road, and the 14 is a FOV i have never used and will add a new perspective.

People love the 23 it is very hard to pass on with this sale, but in my case I will have plenty to play and explore with what I have on order to keep me busy for some time. So hard to not just buy the  23 as well! (keeping an eye on the prizes for a 56 and 100s down the road).

Good luck! My prediction is you will end up with 14 or both!

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