Sony exits the PC business

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Re: Sony exits the PC business

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The press is reporting that Sony is out of the PC game

Ironic given that Sony basically created the mobile electronics market with the Walkman.

That was before they bought out the CBS/Columbia music and movie operations, around the time of the DAT fight. After they bought those operations, it seems as if their focus changed.

The original Walkman, Betamax VCR, and Triniton TVs were about enabling customers to do things; whereas "features" in many of Sony's later products seem to be about limiting or controlling use. (E.g., MagicGate restrictions on downloads to USB-equipped MiniDisc recorders; the removal of line inputs from many portable MiniDisc recorders; Super Audio CD DRM, Blu-Ray DRM, PlayStation DRM, and root kit "CDs".)

Exactly my feeling--I've owned a couple of Vaio laptops and still use a Sony amp for my home theater, but Sony has always found a way to shoot themselves in the foot by coming out with propitiatory media that no one else picks up on. They've always seemed more interested in locking their customers into their brand rather than the mass market appeal.

This always drove me crazy because Sony has good (overpriced) stuff, but there is too much excellent and affordable competition these days.

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