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Re: Reality check/perspective....(!)

Mark H wrote:

Quite honestly I find these so called 'inconveniences' simultaneously laughable, and an absolute shameful reflection on 'some' of the values of those who might consider them to be so.

Take a step or two back...

BD and similar technologies are an absolute luxury - a luxury barely even dreamt of by not all that recently departed past generations, nor even by vast swathes of some current generations.

Consider some of those not so recently departed generations, what they actually enjoyed, valued and endured - and sometimes even fought and died for.

And now we have people wasting their time/lives on Internet forums, listing and wingeing about some mind-numbingly trivial and inconsequential supposed 'inconveniences' of things like BD movies, and the 'big corporations' who make/offer/sell (and generally quite inexpensively) these luxuries of modern life.

And I find your attitude laughable.

When I was growing up, my computing was carried out with a slide rule. Our TV had a 14 inch monochrome screen and received 2 channels. We didn't have any smartphones. In fact, I still recall when we didn't even have a telephone.

Blu-Ray? It's a just a silly toy. Pure unadulterated entertainment for those times that we're feeling too lazy to actually go and do something. Sure, it can be fun -- as a techie I love playing with this stuff too. But seriously, it's trivial, shallow and inconsequential. Good grief, I seriously hope that nobody gave their life to bring us Blu-Ray. That would be sad.

But it's still (just about) a free country and you're entitled to you viewpoint. You're free to donate as much of your money as you want to noble causes like the Motion Picture Association of America in expression of your deep gratitude for their contributions to mankind.

There are many things in life that I am profoundly grateful for. Sorry, but Blu-Ray just isn't one of them.

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