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re: seems someone is rubbishing us big, big way...

SQLGuy wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

EDIT: could you pls. tell us more about the "rainbow effect" you've mentioned? Are you perhaps far-sighted, or with some astigmatism?? I didn't ever see any errors which might be attributed as a rainbow in my OLED on N7,

I explained it about as clearly as I could. If I move my eye to the left or right of center with the A7 EVF, the image gets blurry. If I do the same thing (and I don't have to move nearly as far - basically anywhere except dead center), not only does the image get blurry, but the colors get refracted so you get rainbows mixed in the image. I'm not the only one that's seen it, and I'm using the same eyes for the A7 as for the NEX-7. If you're not seeing it, good for you.

yes, of course - but the questions about possible farsightedness or astigmatisms were not from my idle curiosity, but rather to understand what might be the cause of such obs?


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