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yep: but... we're discussing possible differences between the TWO...

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So, you're thinking that Sony didn't really need to bother putting better glass in front of the EVF in A7 and just the better sensor would already have made a big difference? I'm not convinced. The lack of the rainbow effect is, for me, a big improvement in the A7, and I can't see how the difference in sensors would have anything to do with that.

EDIT: could you pls. tell us more about the "rainbow effect" you've mentioned? Are you perhaps far-sighted, or with some astigmatism?? I didn't ever see any errors which might be attributed as a rainbow in my OLED on N7,

The non-OLED viewfinders use three color updating. Each pixel represents three different colors at different times. They have a black and white LCD and a multicolor back light. They display the red channel (mask), and then flash a red light, then display the green channel and flash a green light, and then display the blue channel and flash a blue light. The brain merges these three flashes into a single color image. If you turn your eye rapidly, though, the images no longer overlap and you see a rainbow.

OLED viewfinders should use separate pixels for each color. You don't get this effect.

...implementations of [supposedly] the same OLED VF,


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