PLEASE STOP Hawking That guy

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Re: Ken Rockwell is terrific!

Shotcents wrote:

Right in his introduction KR States clearly that his website is a "work of fiction" and "his aggressive opinion" and "not a logical presentation of fact."

Man, it's right there in B&W.

There's a TON of useful info on his site and most of it is correct. I bet all of the critics here have used his info more than once!

So here are the facts, for you Pavlovian pooches and pawns. He's making great money with his passion and mostly helping people. His site is not leading anyone astray, unless they are paramountly stupid to begin with. His biggest critics are simply jealous, envious and lacking in any creativity to do what he's done. He's one person with a HUGE audience, while other sites have a STAFF fighting for a shred of online real estate.

Do you think he's worried about a bunch of cry babies on a few forums?

BTW, I've contacted him on several points over the years and he's always responded cheerfully and politely; something this forum can't manage very often. I disagree with him at about the same rate as any other review site.



I am going to quote this for truth and to show that I do sometimes agree with you.

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