Penrax K3 weather sealing problem.

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Re: Penrax K3 weather sealing problem.

A little condensation is typically harmless.  Being in Canada, condensation is always a concern in the winter time when going from a cold space (-20 to -30 deg C for last 2 weeks) to a warm space.  Instead of over reacting, I'll set it aside to warm up and dry out and carry on.

Regardless, in your case, I believe Pentax would have done something to make it right even if you had not have the extra warranty.

About the only thing we learned from this thread is that, Pentax cameras do not all come out perfect off the assembly line.  No one have a 100% track record 100% of the time.  When that do happen don't freak out and overreact until you've give Pentax or the retailer a change to address the problem.

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