Sony A7R vs Sigma DP3Merrill

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Re: Redid Sony photos from RAW files.

OvinceZ wrote:

Since some have pointed out that Sony doesn't necessarily produce great jpgs out of the camera I decided to post jpgs from RAW files. Lightened with levels in Photoshop but nothing else. Results are much better.

better, but still a mess.

it's pretty obvious that there is a ton of road heat/car exhaust distortion in all of those pics... look at the world tower building, and the building to the right of it.

you are deliberately shooting at the worst possible time of the day, in order to get the shadow effect from the cables, but it's working against you.

you can prove that's the case by taking the same shot early in the morning, when there isn't any traffic or road heat... then we'll be able to compare the cable straightness pics.

the only way to get that shot with the lighting you want is perhaps in cold weather, on a weekend, when there is a freak gap in the traffic.


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