Sony A7R vs Sigma DP3Merrill

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Re: Sony A7R vs Sigma DP3Merrill

OvinceZ wrote:

Ah, an Internet inquisition!

I had the camera set on 'clear' with no additional sharpening or anything else. Noise reduction was the first thing I turned off when I set the camera up. I did shoot RAW plus jpg because otherwise I can't see the thumbnails.

You mean the thumbnails on your computer?

Every camera I have used had trouble with those distant cables because they appear so close together. That includes the 5DII and NEX7.

This wasn't a test. I am merely posting how disappointed I was with the A7R photos of those cables. The cables are about 4 inches in diameter. The comparisons were done afterwards on my monitor.

Ha ha - no inquisition, I just hate for your A7r not to get a fair shake. In my mind, there's no way that A7r shouldn't beat any 16Mp sensor out there for low noise, dynamic range, tonality and detail.

Keep in mind - if one were to shoot that scene "properly" with ETTR, the OOC results would look like crap. I've exposed many a scene to the right that looked like dishwater, but when I took it into post processing and brought the levels down, I had a noise free and beautifully sharp image.

Also keep in mind, you've magnified the scene 3x in the Sigma compared to the Sony. This doesn't end up being quite a fair comparison. I think if you can get that exposure and camera setting right and find a 150mm lens to shoot that scene with on the A7r, you'll be quite impressed.

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