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xthfloor wrote:

dr.noise wrote:

Laurence Matson wrote:

There are 3 layers (X3) each of which collects stuff to yield a full-color reading at each spatial location.

That is true, but in a rather useless way.

I have read quite a bit of "this sensor still gathers full color info".

But I probably miss one thing. Let's clarify that.

Yes, the sensor gathers full color info.

But does it RESTORE full color info? If it doesn't, then there's no advantage in gathering it.

For example, you have four jewels, each of them is either black or white. They are ordered in a random 2x2 block. You throw them one by one into a box. So that means you gathered the full color info - because none of the jewels were lost.

Now if someone tries to extract those jewels from the box and put them back into 2x2 block, he will never know in what order they were thrown or what place they should take. So the info cannot be restored.

Now imagine shooting a completely red target which doesn't have blue in it. Will the blue layer record zeroes thus giving no spatial info? How red layer can be restored from 5mp to 20mp?

I don't understand.

"Blue" layer records luminance (blue, green and red), so there should be enough data to decide, which pixel is darker and which is lighter.

How do the underlying "green" and "red" layers contribute more spacial info?  Based on the diagrams, each of the four blue pixels "sees" the same green and red values - all four pixels will get offset the same amount.

If the "blue" layer already has blue, green, red info, then why are the other layers needed?  Why can't the full color image be entirely reconstructed from the blue layer?

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