SSD on Late 2009 iMac

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SSD on Late 2009 iMac


I tried to address this topic on my last thread regarding cloning software but it may be lost in the many replies I received which I  do appreciate a lot.

I'm replacing the HD on my 27" 2009 iMac and I'm thinking this would be a good opportunity to hopefully give it a little more kick in installing a SSD in place of the optical drive. I can live with an external drive for cd/dvd use. Although I understand that the SSD is very fast I will admit I'm not totally understanding of all it's abilities when used as a second drive.

Here are a few questions:

If I use the SSD as the startup drive can I use this ability to replace the Recovery Partition if I use Super Duper to clone my existing HD? Also, when I upgrade to Mavericks do I need to install Snow Leopard first or is Mavericks a new stand alone OS and can I also have Mavericks on the HD?

Can I use the SSD to run apps like Aperture, CS6 etc etc. and if so is it used only to run the app or do I need to also have room for my primary Aperture Library. I do have vaults for backup but have my entire library ( 500+GB) on my HD.

Can I have same apps loaded on both HD & SSD?

Can I move my apps selectively to the SSD from HD or will they need to be reinastalled?

Your recommendation for a SSD, capacity & brand.

All hints and advice on replacing the HD & installing SSD.



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