14mm or 23mm... (and I hardly ever do this)

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Re: 14mm or 23mm... (and I hardly ever do this)

Mike in Kansas wrote:

If I had the 18-55 and felt that there are times where I want wider, I'd go with the 14mm as you already have the 23mm focal length covered in the zoom. If I DIDN'T have the 18-55, I may go for the 23mm initially, as that focal length suits my shooting style better. OR if I have the 18-55 and see that most of my shots are in the 20-30 range I would also go for the 23mm due to better IQ and bokeh.

I have a Sigma 10-20 for my Nikon D300 that hardly ever gets used, where my 24-60 got used frequently (before it broke). I would have replaced the 24-60 with a 17-55 / 17-70 if I weren't getting into the X System; however, I opted to change systems versus adding more glass to my Nikon kit.

I agree

If you have the kit lens. Its pretty sharp at 23mm. You'd be paying for the faster glass. However, by getting the 14mm you'd be paying for a whole new perspective one that's not possible with anything else you have.

However, if you don't plan on shooting wide that often and mainly shoot people not places id go with the 23.

It depends what your main subjects are. People or Places? (i know you can shoot either with either well, but just to narrow it down and simplify it a bit haha)

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