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Pat: the most significant, major difference btw. OLED VFs from N7 vs. A7...

PVCdroid wrote:

I've asked this a few times and never get a good response. What is the difference in the A7 or A7R vs. NEX-7, 6 or even 5N EVF? The resolution and size specs appear to be the same. Is it brighter or what?

...lies in their sensors - affecting the quality of the input signal and S/R ratios, which influence  esp. greatly reduced DR in shadows and highlights as rendered by EVFs in general - these are the two most affected areas of poor EVFs performance, as they most easily gave up in both rather dark and very bright scenes with lots of contrast. It suffices to close one's legacy MF lens from, say, f/2.8 to f/8, thus cutting the available light eightfold to witness the adverse effects on N7,

The better eye relief due to somewhat larger optics in newer implementation of the same OLED VF is helping a bit too, but it isn't decisive factor,


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