PLEASE STOP Hawking That guy

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Re: PLEASE STOP Hawking That guy

bikinchris wrote:

People seem to have a need to run on here and brodcast every comment, nuance and life lesson from "that guy." You all know who he is. There are at least three seperate threads quoting his "review" of the D4S, which he has not ever seen.

Why? All HE does is post stupid, controversial stuff to draw hits. You folks not only drive his hits, you come on here and hawk his outrageous posts and sometimes even post links.

Please stop promoting that sideshow.

Chill man, for the majority of people here KR reviews are as good or bad as any.

Typical DPR mentality:

Site X reviews Camera Y positive -> DPR Camera Y forum cheer and tout great review

Site X reviews Camera Y negative -> DPR Camera Y forum slashes Site X, they're wrong, they didn't test correctly and Site X always sucked anyway and none of their review have any meaning or value.

It is best to steer completely clear of any review or mention of a review here on DPR forums and just go about your own business and make up your own mind. You can even read all the reviews you want in peace, just don't get lured into discussing them here, or participating in one on here.

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