Problem with Firefox 26.0 !

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check for google toolbar addons (extensions).

You're probably looking at a toolbar that's really an extension (probably one of your add-ons if you look under Tools>Addons (check both extensions and plugins).

Or, it could be that you have your User Agent String set to report a different Internet Browser (versus the real browser you're using). I use an extension called PrefBar I use for that purpose (where I have custom User Agent strings setup so I can pick the Operating System and Browser I want to report to web sites). Get that extension here:

See this post on the subject of setting up User Agent Strings in it:

There are many extensions that let you do the same thing. However, if you report a different User Agent String to a web site, you can expect to "break" many features that web site may have (how a browser uses the javascript a site calls for posting or editing in forums, etc.), especially if you try to do something like report you're using Internet Explorer instead of Firefox (it's best to report that you're using a browser with the same type of rendering engine if you do change your User Agent string to something else)

But, if it's an extension giving you that toolbar instead, it's my understanding that the google toolbar for Firefox is no longer compatible with newer versions of Firefox. You can find numerous posts on that subject. It's a discontinued product now, as you can see from this page about it:

But, you may be able to find alternatives for it (other third party extensinos for Firefox). Or, you could just setup bookmarks on your Bookmarks toolbar instead.

Or, if you really want to "jump through hoops", you could use options like discontinuing the compatibility checks for newer addons, etc.

You can either do that using settings under about:config, or you can get an extension for that purpose. For example, this one:

But, when you disable compatibility checks, you may have problems with some extensions (because they really are not fully compatible with newer Firefox versions in many cases). The Google Toolbar probably falls into that category (interferes with some Firefox features in newer FF versions).

If you're sure you upgraded both computers to Firefox 26, and one still has the toolbar working and the other does not, you probably have something installed that disabled compatibility checks on the machine that still has the toolbar installed (and or you just have a User Agent String set reporting a different version of Firefox to Google).

But, I've seen posts from others that it causes problems with newer Firefox releases anyway. So, I'd suggest using using the Firefox bookmarks toolbar if you want shortcuts to specific Google apps (Gmail, Youtube, etc.). That's what I do anymore (use the Firefox bookmarks toolbar for one click access to those web sties).

Of course, you can easily just go to and click on the Apps icon on that page (the icon with 3 rows and 3 columns of square black dots) and select the App you want from the menu that comes up.

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