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Erik Magnuson wrote:

ilsiu wrote:

The new sensor has 19 + 5 + 5 MP; I think it would be a good guess to say that it would resolve less than a hypothetical 19 + 19 + 19 MP sensor, but how much less? Will it be equivalent, better, or worse than the current 15 + 15 + 15 sensor?

I suspect you would mainly see a difference with low contrast in certain colors. And as Ilia Borg has pointed out, this was already an issue due to focus, diffraction, diffusion, and noise reduction. For most real world images, it will likely be better but you could find some corner cases where it will be worse. Interestingly, some of the "color resolution" charts may be in those corners.

suspect, would, could and may.

Why not wait till RAWs are available - better yet the DP Quattros are in the hands of people shooting actual pictures with them and not just bricks and test charts?

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