A7/A7R Light leaks reported + White Orbs issue?

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Re: A7/A7R Light leaks reported + White Orbs issue?

shadowhumper wrote:

NicolasKL wrote:

shadowhumper wrote:

I seem to have the light leak problem on my A7r+FE 35.
Now I am left wondering what is the next step I have to take? Return it for a new one? Lawsuit and rake in the billions?

Adm, Humper

My guess is that returning it for a new one wouldn't accomplish anything at this point.

Could you elaborate on that please?


I don't think it's a QC issue, seems practically everyone that has tested it has come up with the light leaks, and out of the handful that say that they can't reproduce the problem, I suspect that they're not testing it the same way (and have confirmed that's the case with at least one person on another forum that said they didn't have a light leak).

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