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PVCdroid wrote:

parallaxproblem wrote:

Brian P Smith wrote:

Guess all that complaining and fear mongering about an EVF hump was blown way out of proportion, eh guys?

Not yet, we still have to see the camera (and the NEX-7 replacement) released

And how do you know that there wasn't also a DSLR-style option for this camera planned, that got dropped when Sony saw a number (not just me) of people complaining about it?

Dream on, dude. These cameras take 2 years before they are in full production cycle. They were planned for full large scale production long before your nonsensical ranting started on the forum.

Two years? Hardly. It's two months max and they have multiple configurations and prototypes for final approval. Look at the A7 teardown. The insides are modules forming a brick and placement of the EVF was flexible.

This is a much made misstake. It is not that easy to reform a camera with the same components. Replacing a button or dial can be a disaster in design, as it means redesigning the flat cables, that connect them, redesign the housing for the other location etc.

At some point in design they do have more then one option, but they deside at that point what option they will go with and than they start the tests of that model. The do tweaks on that model and in the end they will go for production with that model. Then they will start with making the components for that model (like the housing the electronics and mechanics) and when all the components are made they go in full production. there will be a shorter time then two years between the choice for the camera style and the actualy production camera, but it is more then 6 months, as after they know what style they are going to make the real testing of the camera can start....

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