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FYI http://is.gd/Hhqryb

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The A7-style grip is a bit of a worry: I find the 'ridge' on the A7 grip very uncomfortable

A big concern to me as ergonomics are very important - if you don't like handling a camera then you won't use it (unless you are a pro and need to for your job)

I do agree with you that ergonomics is very important, so there is just one way to find out if this camera fits you, and that is wait till it is in the stores and try it! Does it not feel right, then don't buy it! Go for a camera that feels right, that is very important...

Also if this camera contains the same EVF as the A7 then it is final proof that the A7's 'hump' is just a 'fashion statement' and not technically necessary! Maybe the internal flash would have to be removed, but otherwise there is sufficient space for a FF sensor in this body... so why wasn't the A7 housed in a NEX-6 and the A7r in a NEX-7 body?

This has been said in many posts in the last few months. The EVF is at the top of the A7 for several reasons:

1. The LCD on the A7 is larger and takes more space, an EVF with that LCD would make the camera look like the new Sigma, very wide, making it hard to fit in a standard bag, without having very much free room above the camera.

2. The sensor in the camera is larger, taking more room, so there is less room for an EVF in the camera.

3. And ergonomics is important too, the centred EVF is what many people want, so Sony delivers.

4. And at last yes, design is important too, so those reasons together made the hump...

And yes I do think it is possible to make a camera like the Nex 7 with a FF sensor and the smaller LCD. And to be honnest I think it will come some time from now. Sony wanted the larger FF E-mount camera specialy for those people who want that formfactor out first, as they thought that that camera would sell better, no it is out other models will come...

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DUMP the HUMP! Campaign for *REAL* NEX replacement bodies

It's time for a new campaign, as you have won this one!

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