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Re: re: DITTO = perhaps it was the level of the outcry that saved us...

parallaxproblem wrote:

Not yet, we still have to see the camera (and the NEX-7 replacement) released

And how do you know that there wasn't also a DSLR-style option for this camera planned, that got dropped when Sony saw a number (not just me) of people complaining about it? Sony have admitted there were several options planned for the A7 and that the DSLR style one was chosen pretty late in the process - why not the other way around here?

...from more humpbacks? Also... given the persistent rumor-mongering that a6k body is replacement for both N6 and N7, them perhaps should there be a persistent users' voice requesting the N7 mk-II, it might not be scratched !!!


Oh yes. More spam.

Btw speaking of spam - are there any limits on signature length on dpr? This is getting pathetic.

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