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Re: A6000 first picture

parallaxproblem wrote:

j0sh wrote:

FYI http://is.gd/Hhqryb

The A7-style grip is a bit of a worry: I find the 'ridge' on the A7 grip very uncomfortable

A big concern to me as ergonomics are very important - if you don't like handling a camera then you won't use it (unless you are a pro and need to for your job)

Also if this camera contains the same EVF as the A7 then it is final proof that the A7's 'hump' is just a 'fashion statement' and not technically necessary! Maybe the internal flash would have to be removed, but otherwise there is sufficient space for a FF sensor in this body... so why wasn't the A7 housed in a NEX-6 and the A7r in a NEX-7 body?

Well you have seen the picture (above) of the A6000, it has not got the A7 grip. It is merely a tweaked NEX-6/7 grip

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