What are advantages of Df over D600/D610

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Ray Sachs
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Re: What are advantages of Df over D600/D610

Rservello wrote:

I'm not being sarcastic. I seriously would like to see a nice image at 12,800

I hesitate to jump into this kind of back and forth, but here's one shot that helped convince me of how good the Df is in very low light. This is just a simple shot of my wife's scarves hanging from a hallway bannister. The light was INCREDIBLY low and this shot needed all of 12,800 at 1/80 and f2.8 (on an f2.8 lens). There is some noise, particularly in the darker part of the photograph, but the detail and color rendition are incredibly good compared to anything else I've used. I have an RX1 (same basic 24mp sensor as the D610 I believe) that I've occasionally pushed to 12,800 and it's workable, but the files are not nearly as good at those ISOs as the Df. Not to say the RX1 / D610 are bad at high ISO, just that the Df is the best I've had the pleasure to use.

If this quality isn't up to your standards, then maybe there's no meaningful difference between the Df and the D610. To me, high ISO is more important than resolution so the Df represents a better set of tradeoffs to me...


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