Direct comparison Oly 12-40mmF2.8 with Oly 12-50mmF3.5-6.3?

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Collin, reasons for buying a new lens...

CollBaxter wrote:

Congrats on the new lens. The constantt f/2.8 will be a blessing in a lot of cases.

Yes, that is my main reason.

Some additional sharpness and/or contrast are a nice bonus (insofar as I would notice because I am not really the pixelpeeping type, as you all know : I test a lens to see I did not end up with a lemon but then the tripod goes back in the car trunk). But they are not my main reason for "upgrading" from one OK lens to another one: it is the difference between abillity to use F2.8 versus the fact that the 12-50 gives me F3.5 at best (still OK), but with quite rapidly slower apertures versus F6.3 (that is really slow and in fact only usable in good light). In essence I buy the ability for a bit more creativity and the ability to handhold in low light with my standard zoom. The rest is gravy.

When I read the lenstip review I saw the lens is sharpest wide open and the drops with stopping down. There have also been some remakes about 'Blocky" edges.

Not really a drop, but not much of an improvement over the range F2.8 to F5.6.

It does look superbly sharp in the center with the edges trail by about 10-15% . But it looks that sharp that the sides and edges still look good.

Well, it's possible that in my quick unscientific testing the edges are not stellar either, but they looked better than what I saw in the shots with the 12-50 (all naked eye and subjective comparisons, in LR from RAW with same import settings, and looking at 1:1 with the compare tool : it gives you left/right rougly the same area of the target to look at)

40mm does not look that great though. I will also be interested in how you find the bokhe and if astigmatism really has that much of an effect.

F2.8 at 40mm should be OK for portraits. I've always liked using the ZD50-200mm for portraits wide open at its widest setting.

Thank for clarifying the 12mm > 12mm thing.

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