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nevercat wrote:

CalvinLayne wrote:

After a few lens switches the black mount is gonna be full of unsightly scratches ugh there goes my planned update.

WOW update from what camera? I see only Canon on your gear list....

Then when you use your camera the only scratches will be on the front of the mount, that is always under the lens you use, so you won't see it. this is the most ridiculous reason not to buy a camera. When you don't like Sony, that is a good reason not to buy it, but the cr@p you tell is not more then funny!

Flippin heck.... relax, it's their reason and there's alone. Just because it doesn't match your logic doesn't make any the less valid. As you can see, they do have a Nex.

Personally, I think it looks ok, I did like the Tri-Navi and thought it was one of the best features of the Nex7 but.... I can only assume the majority of people preferred the Nex6 layout more.

The most important issue will be how it handles wide angle lenses. Hopefully they have resolved the magenta casting and the noise issues of the Nex7 (over 800iso). The Nex6 produced better images overall with the 16mp sensor. Once you got over 800 ISO, I found I had to reduce the image size to get it past agencies Quality Control. Which sort of defeated the point of the larger sensor.

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