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Re: Willing to trade the speed dial for the ISO

Jens Bager wrote:

DVT80111 wrote:

Don't think the speed dial has much value except retro look.

Exactly. As it is locked it is not that easy to get at, whereas on the XP-1, XE-1 and 2 it is easy enough to press Q or an assigned Fn and operrate the thumbwheel. Not that much need for a dedicated ISO knob film camera style. Come to think of it, I do use it guite often on XP-1 and X20.


Lets face it, you could ask 50 people and get 50 different responses about why they like one thing over the other.

The good news is, there are plenty of cameras without these dials so there's a lot of choice for those who don't like them or not interested in them.

However, for those people who do prefer the manual controls there is not as much choice but at least we have a few cameras from Fuji to chose from.

So, rather than wishing or hoping for Fuji drops these controls and therefore removing the choice from the market place, it would make more sense to look at a camera that fits your needs / desires better. Otherwise all cameras will start to look the same.

Do I prefer manual controls? Not 100% sure about the ISO dial yet.... I guess I'll only really know once I've tried it. I do however like the speed & exposure compensation dials. My gut feeling is it will make it easier to see how the camera is set up without switching it on, looking at the screen or view finder. But that's just one of those 50 opinions

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