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Re: Ah - so now we're reconfiguring the language ....

emem wrote:

Does it not occur to you that Leopold lives in Canada and obviously copes very well with extremely cold conditions on a regular basis?

And again I ask, Zvonimir - on what authority do you draw for this broad ranging information of the weather resistance (or otherwise) of Pentax? And who actually wrote the text?

How cold affects the camera performance?

The major problem is condensation, again, and I was recollecting many points written so far in this forum, in this way or another. You may acknowledge them, or disregard like some irrelevant thread, the choice is yours.

However, it seems many users expect their camera to work beyond any reasonable proposition, and I have read many times that some users presume letters WR stand for “water resistant”, although it is not so.

Many things in amateur photography are presumed by owners. Some also believe Pentax cameras may be used with any lens and as long the camera is sealed, everything will be all right. Although it will not.

Some deliberately abuse WR lenses and soak their equipment in torrential rain, expecting everything will be all right. And so forth.

Yet if the problem comes, the culprit was always .. something else.

Sometimes user's concern is fully legitimate, as to what extent and on what basis they may ask for a warranty claim, specially when the Pentax camera system is proudly advertised as usable in all weather? Shall Ricoh Imaging nullify all claims? Where are user's rights?

So this thread starts on some answers, but also invites for more investigation and cooperation among users to help themselves by sharing more relevant information they can benefit from.

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