ISO Dial Obsession

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Re: ISO Dial Obsession

georgehudetz wrote:

Now, if you shoot in auto-ISO a lot, it's not a big deal. But my favorite shooting mode is in Aperture Priority, and I like to manually set the ISO in order to get the shutter speed I want.

This is a very convoluted way of getting the shutter speed you want. Couldn't you just use M mode ? Of course if the issue is the absence of exposure compensation in M mode, well, that's something Fuji should address. Or perhaps do you want the shutter speed to still float upwards if there is excess light ? In which case what you'd really want is a dial the controls minimum shutter speed in auto ISO, but although that's something I'd happily welcome I have very few illusions regarding camera manufacturers' ability to design intelligent user interfaces.

On my D7000, while in "A" mode, I could change the ISO value by simply spinning a dial, and see the SS change in the viewfinder as I changed the ISO. No guessing - you know instantly exactly what SS you are going to get. This is especially important if you are using a zoom lens, where the minimum shutter speed is focal length dependent, or if you move quickly from a static scene to a moving scene, like in a urban shooting scenario.

On your D7000, I believe you can simply use auto ISO with auto minimum shutter speed and bias the whole algorithm towards higher or lower shutter speeds.

Yes, you can shoot in manual mode and use auto-iso instead, but you have to be careful not to under or over expose the shot. Not the end of the world, but also not as convenient and bullet-proof (in terms of nailing the exposure under duress) as the Nikon approach.

It seems to me that what you really want isn't an ISO dial, but exposure compensation in M mode.

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