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Re: Fake ... ?

blue_skies wrote:

  • The Mode dial is too small - just compare it with the Nex-6 and A7.

Compared with my A7R, and it seems to be about the same size (using the flash hotshoe as reference).

  • The flash-socket is non-metal? It should be shiny.

Nah, it's probably black coating. Just like on the RX1. Wish my A7R had a black shoe as well.

  • The flash-unit is too short - what will this be: GN2?

Your guess is as good as mine. But for what it's worth, the built in flash is still to be considered as an emergency flash so it really doesn't have to be that strong imho. But it would be quite sweet if it could be used to control off-camera strobes. THAT would be a proper improvement.

I would expect a Nex-6 top with flash unit, but carried forward as-is, unless they managed to get some of the A7 styling on the top plate (according to the rumors). If so, they could move the shutter button to the top plate (alike A7/r) and allow for a second dial in the front.

But I doubt that they have enough room for all that, so I expect it to be very Nex-6 'dual-navi' like (one dial on top).

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I like the fact that the lens mount is black. Hope this is something we will see on the final product.

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