Sony A7R vs Sigma DP3Merrill

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Re: Sony A7R vs Sigma DP3Merrill


Just some observations from this thread:

1. Was the date on your Sigma set wrong? (I see 4 march 2012 on the Sigma compared to 2 feb 2014 for the Sony)

2. You took some pictures, as you say not to compare, and then you start comparing them, and using them as so on the internet.

3. All this thread shows is how hard it is to compare cameras and lenses. Some times the smallest differnces in settings can change the result.

4. you used Raw on the Sigma and JPG on the Sony, but you know Sony is not good at JPG engines.

5. Exposure on both cameras is totaly different

6. there is a lot of air turbulence as you mention, every camera/sensor/lens combination has it's own effect on the sharpnes with this.

7. The Sigma is a very nice camera with great resolution (Sigma claims 48MP) that will help.

When you didn't take pictures for comparison then don't use them for that. When you do make pictures for comparison make sure all the bits and things are the same for the picture (exposure, FL, etc.). It may not look very important in this pictures, but it is possible that when you took the pictures with the Sigma the turbulence in the air was a little less then when you took the picture with the Sony, that may give a lot better pictures too. From my astrophotography hobby I know that the "seeing"is changing dramaticly constantly, it can be that in less then a second difference the seeing is froom very good to very bad end back. That is why I take "movies"when shooting the moon or the planets and using more frames and stack them to a picture, in that way I use the pictures taken by the best moments of seeing...

When you try to compare cameras on this forum you will see that people hate it when you show them that "their" camera is not better then ├┐our" camera, get used to it, they don't mean very bad (they hardly ever realy bite you )

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