DP Quattro: Sigma official announcement

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Re: DP Quattro: Sigma official announcement

Wellington100 wrote:

Dogonit wrote:

What I'm struggling to figure out is who this camera is designed for - current Foveon shooters or to win over new buyers. Here's the problem: assuming the specs we have are accurate, is there enough here to force Merrill owners to upgrade?

I don't think I will - in fact I'm about to grab a couple more DP Merrills and pretend nothing happened. Although a little frustrating, I'm used to the quirks of the current DPs, and I, along with the rest of you, have already accepted that this isn't an everyday, every situation camera. This new iteration still isn't close to something that could replace my Fuji X100S as my daily shooter, so what's the point?

Likewise, is this new DP line enough to convert many others? I can't imagine usable ISO is up to anything more than 6400, probably 3200. That's still paltry. Battery life is probably better, so maybe that drawback will be nonexistent. But there's still the fixed lens "issue" as well as the price point which I think is safe to assume will be at least $1,000. Probably $1,200. So like I said, who is going to buy it? To me this is a really small step towards main stream viability; the Quattro will still very much be considered a "specialty" or "niche" camera.

Just my personal musings.

Its a brave move of Sigmas to release it but I suspect they have let a highly paid designer from outside the industry loose on their next camera design and we all know what happened last time Pentax tried the same thing.

Camera users are basically conservative. Fuji gets rave reviews for releasing cameras that look like 60 year old designs. Is the world ready for these Sigmas, I suspect not but I may be wrong.

If they had come out looking like 60's Canonets everyone might have been happier.

The big defect of the new cameras, in my opinion, is the lack of a hinge on the LCD. It is so much easier to hold a camera steady at waist level, and every other serious small camera has a hinged LCD.

It can't cost all that much.

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