Penrax K3 weather sealing problem.

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Re: Penrax K3 weather sealing problem.

What is strange is that the lcd never stopped working. After 24 hrs, there was no sign that water had ever been in the camera. Everything still worked normally. Maybe the lcd cover leaked but water never actually got into the camera itself?
I think it only fair to say that the pictures I took on that day came out really well. I've lost a lot of confidence in the K3's water resistance, of course but I haven't lost any confidence in its capabilities as a photographic tool. I don't think any digital K series is quite as good as the beautiful results of the K10 but the latest K cameras are so good with respect to speed, features and general capabilities that they are easily recommended. I think the K10 had a CCD sensor and the latter ones had CMOS (or was it the other way round?) Either way the K10 gave beautiful tones. It was slow to focus and often focused on the wrong spot. As a "tripod" camera it was virtually unmatched. All the same (water ingress apart) the K3 is very polished and endearing.

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