Direct comparison Oly 12-40mmF2.8 with Oly 12-50mmF3.5-6.3?

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Roel, well done.

My pleasure.

I'm not very keen on pixel peeping, but I like to try and see how a new lens performs in controlled conditions.

Tonight, I will give it its first REAL workout, at a theatre dress rehearsal.

I hope you have better luck than I did at a recent public school musical.

I packed the 12-40 and an OM 100/2.8, arrived early for a good seat, and settled in for some fun. As the lights went down, the director announced that absolutely no videography, audio recording, or photography of any kind was allowed, but she directed people to purchase those items from a professional that was working the show. I put my camera away and didn't say a word, but I'm following up on the school's decision.

I'm fine with a ban at a commercial event, but when my tax dollars fund the entire production top to bottom, and I bought a $10 ticket, and I provided a $4000 instrument to be played by the musician I provided to the pit orchestra, I think I've paid enough for the right to take a few flash-free photos.

Performance with public are tricky. Even if you feel you are not disturbing you might be.

I have an arrangement with a theater group that I shoot their dress rehearsals to our mutual benefit and satisfaction.

I'm going to try for the dress rehearsal next time.

I understand the desire to not disturb others, which is part of the reason I use fast lenses (no flash), have the AF Assist lamp off, and turn the AF Lock beep off. What really bugs me is that someone is profiting from an arrangement that exploits an event that's fully funded by the public, to the exclusion of even non-profit photography. It may be that the pro gives a percentage of his take to the school, and if that's the case, I'd feel a little better about it - but not much.

Have fun at your show!

Already done.
I'll see this evening how images turned out.
Did not yet have time to look.
I hope well.
It was a stunningly designed amateur production (costumes, makeup) of Reinaert the Fox.
Roel Hendrickx

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