EM-1 uses Panasonic sensor per Chipworks

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I like football fans but not hooligans!

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There is indeed a degree of this, it would seem. At least the camera division was not obliged to source all of its sensors from the sensor division. So why is the sensor division obliged to supply its best tech only to the camera division?

I don't think it's the actually the case. I think that Olympus had no (financial?) interest to buy the GH sensor technology.

Some camera fans see Panasonic and Olympus as two football teams engaged in a match. That only exists in their imagination.

They build stories and legends around their favorite team.

The story about Panasonic keeping their best tech for them has probably its source in Olmypus fans imagination. They were so frustrated that Olympus cameras sports subpar sensors! So instead of blaming their favorite team, they blamed the rival team.

Later, when Olympus bought the Sony sensor for the E-M5, Panasonic fans fell from their pedestal. Today, they are eagerly waiting for THE Panasonic camera that will beat the rival.

When Olympus had subpar sensors, Olympus fans were defending themselves with "Olympus colors".

Today, Panasonic fans defend themselves with "Panasonic video".

That's how football fans work

The way you describe it sounds great fun. I will take your word for how football fans work...

Maybe it sounds fun, but actually it's not.

The way corporations act is pretty cynical. I understand that some people find unbelievable that two divisions of the same Corp. have different strategies and are sometimes concurrents. That sounds unreal, but it's unfortunately real. Internal concurrence is one of the numerous tricks some big companies have inctroduced to boost their profits. The one and only goal of these companies is to increase their profit, and that by all means. No more ethics, only money.

We all should be aware of that. It should prevent us to act like hooligans, insulting each other in the name of those corporations.

Enjoying their product is a good thing. We enjoy Panasonic and Olympus (and others) cameras and lenses, that's fine. We share our passion about photography and gear, that's fine.

But let's keep civil. Let's act like photography fans that are aware about corporations practices, and not like hooligans.

In one word : Fairplay!

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