Layer compositing to increase DoF?

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Re: Layer compositing to increase DoF?

Robert Hoolko wrote:

Trog wrote:
. . .

The results can be used as a layer mask for the Top image. It is
white where the Top image had better focus and black where the
Bottom image had better focus.

Very slick. Comparing masks is a step that hadn't occurred to me.
I was thinking in terms of bulding up images by stacking, masking,
and adjusting a lot of layers simultaneously, which would involve a
lot of fiddling and judgement calls as to what combinations of
thresholds would look best. It doesn't take but a moment's
reflection to see that adding only one layer at a time stands the
best chance of most consistently producing the best results. It
might even be the approach that most lends itself to automation.

This is the point I was trying to make (and failed to make) in
previous posts. To automate the whole process you have to be able
to automatically determine which layer has the best focus in each
region of the image. I originally said I could not see a way to
automate it just using Photoshop commands. This was the part I
could not see how to do because I was thinking of comparing N
layers and trying to pick the best layer for each area. But after
thinking about it for a while I figured out a way. Thank you for
making me do that.

And thanks for doing that.

Unfortunately, I only have Photoshop Elements so I cannot record

What a nuisance. If there's a version of Gimp that works on your platform, that might be worth checking out.

there are enough steps involved that it is easy to make an
error somewhere in the sequence and ruin the results. In fact, I
already did that when I added the third layer to image 5733.

That's a big reason I was wanting to automate as much as possible. The more steps I have to do, the greater the likelihood I'll screw up.


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