E-M5 ISO Low Share your thoughts and findings

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Re: E-M5 ISO Low Share your thoughts and findings

pdelux wrote:

My understanding is the same as highwave. LOW setting is not native ISO, so its like taking an ISO 200 shot - over exposing (why you have clean shadows), then trying to pull back highlights, but of course that means your highlight recovery is limited due to the over exposure.

There really isn't such a thing as 'native ISO'. The sensor has a maximum exposure it can take without losing the highlights (the thing that DxOmark measures as 'ISO') and the 'base ISO' is usually very much higher (smaller exposure) than that (Panasonic cameras being an exception). In the case of the E-M5 there is very nearly a stop of headroom over the base 200 ISO, so the sensor can almost always take a 100 ISO exposure without losing the highlights.

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