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Re: Photogene +IOS doesn't dp RAW adequately.

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The Surface pro2 It is the only tablet that has the grunt for proper raw processing. With other machines you will be limited to jpeg files or very slow processing.

If you want something to travel with that has the power to process RAW and do hedium serious editing as you travel, you will need either the Surface pro 2 or an Apple laptop or PC ultrabook/laptop. You also need at least 4 meg of ram which the Surface Pro2 has.

That's not true at all. The latest gen quad core bay trail processors handle raw images just fine and with only 2gb of ram.

I may be wrong, I wouldn't have thought any atom based processor could do a satisfactory job with RAW files. But I will follow it up. What tablet is using that processor and what RAW processing software on that tablet are you referring to?

I have the Asus T100 tablet/laptop which runs the full version of Windows 8.1. It has the latest Atom CPU (1.33-GHz quad-core Atom Z3740) and 2GB of RAM, and also comes with a free Office 2013 Home and Student license. There are versions with 32 and 64GB SSDs as the main boot drive, and it has a MicroSD slot to take up to 64GB cards for additional storage on the tablet. The detachable keyboard provides a full size USB 3.0 socket. There are also versions with an additional 500 GB HDD housed in the keyboard. I have one of these and it is ideal for photo backups.

I can confirm that this device can run the full version of Adobe Lightroom and open RAW files from all of my past and present cameras. It is obviously not as fast as my desktop computer at editing, but still very usable. This is not an issue for me on trips, where I generally just want to review the day's shots, and maybe do a bit of editing to see if a marginal shot is usable. I will then export the LR catalog when I get home and do the final editing on the desktop.

So far the only problems I have found is that it needed a BIOS update to fix a problem with failures to restart or come out of sleep mode reliably. It also seems to have a habit of ignoring the power button sometimes and needing repeated attempts to switch on. I am not sure if this a general firmware problem or just a sticky button on my example.

I believe the Surface Pro, which is a similar device, uses the Intel i5 which is as good as the CPU in most laptops or desktops, but at around twice the price of the Asus T100.

For the Apple fans out there think of this sort of Windows device as equivalent to a Macbook Air running full Mac O/S, able to run full Mac applications and also iOS tablet apps, but in tablet form factor with detachable keyboard. This is a highly versatile class of device, but it is just not available from Apple. You would need a Macbook Air plus an iPad to cover the same bases, albeit less elegantly, in the Apple world.


Sounds like you have a system that works great for you. I'd only note that it you "generally just want to review the day's shots, and maybe do a bit of editing to see if a marginal shot is usable" - that doesn't need all the power and capabilities of your Windows system.

If you do just that on the road, consider Photosmith - I have not used it yet, but those who are deeply into Lightroom image management adore it. I have a different workflow, in which I shoot both raw and jpeg, and use the jpeg to view prospective raw files for editing - under the assumption that the in-camera processing is the standard to exceed. It also keeps me from filling my hard drive with images I don't intend to PP

I went to the iOS group and followed this up. Phototgene edits jpeg files. It can convert RAW but the editing is done in jpeg. This isn't much use to me (it might be OK to others) I want to edit the files as I travel and not start over again when I get home to my main computer. It can do RAW edits but I gather it is so slow it is useless for serious work or dealing with anything beyond a couple of files.

I guess this takes us back to where I came in. If you want a tablet to handle RAW, you need the Surface Pro 2 (or maybe the Asuus hybrid, I'd don't know enough about this model). If you don't need RAW, you have lots of choices.

If you want to shoot RAW and use the jpegs to cull/evaluate your days shooting and then process your RAWs at home, you have lots of choices.

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