Sony A7R vs Sigma DP3Merrill

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Saving you from "bitter disappointment"

It's fine to take some shots and say "Gee isn't the Sigma nice" (which certainly it is at low IS0) and to place them side by side with the A7R's shots of similar subject.  If that's all you do, then you can say, "I'm not making a strict comparison here."  All fine. Nice pictures.

But, when you say you are "bitterly disappointed by the Sony" then you ought to consider saving yourself from such a fate by not allowing so much emotion to get dragged around by these doggy comparisons, that are just so defective as such, which you even recognize are defective.  Dry your tears.

I venture to guess that if you made good comparisons you wouldn't suffer being "bitterly disappointed".  On one hand you might find yourself saying, "Since I never need ISO above 400, and I don't mind the other weirdnesses of the Sigma handling, why keep the A7R, which at low ISO merely creates comparable IQ?" (fair enough)  or you might say "The Sigma is really great at low ISO, but I really need the A7R to do anything remotely comparable at ISO 800 and up." (also fair enough)

It isn't "the internet" that you complain about here that needs to be saved from being "bitterly disappointed". It's you.  We're trying to do that for you.  We nice people.

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