Sony A7R vs Sigma DP3Merrill

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Re: No sharpening done.

OvinceZ wrote:

Photos have NOT been edited except in the camera. The last photo was from a RAW file and looks better.

Please understand that this was not a test. I am still very disappointed with the results. I have an NEX 7 so appreciate the Sony sensors.

I can post a panorama here and not one comment. I post about another camera giving clearer photos and people are all over me. This is a peculiar hobby to be sure.

I understand that you didn't set out initially to do a comparison test with these images. Even so, your missing the point of a lot of these responses.

You were unhappy with the quality of images the Sony camera produced. People are telling you that you should be, since you didn't spend any time applying something as simple as proper exposure settings when shooting with the A7R.  Simply exposing correctly would have dramatically improved the Sony images, even if it's jpg's coming straight out of the camera.

When you saw the perceived poor quality images produced by the Sony camera, you perhaps could have tired returning to the the bridge and doing an actual real comparison, this time taking a few extra minutes to ensure that you are properly exposing the photographs with the Sony and maybe even taking the photos from the same location the bridge. Then you could have posted some better quality comparison images here for analysis.

Instead, you decided to start a thread asking us to compare the bad images you took with the A7R with the good image you took with the sigma.. When called out for the terrible quality effort in the Sony shots, you then tell us these images were never intended to be compared. Then why did you make this thread first place?

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