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Re: It's still direct

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

DMillier wrote:

It seems reasonable to assume that Sigma haven't gone to all this trouble to make things worse but aside from still using silicon filtering, it seems to signify the end of the original "Direct imaging" approach.

It's still a direct imagine approach. It still captures the full wavelength at every pixel position, because the top layer has full spectrum elements. It's just that breaking that out

The more you mix in other wavelengths the worse the sensing for a particular range of wavelengths becomes. It's not the same at all as the previous X3 design- you lose data.

What this Quattro sensor is , is a better compromise, to gain in ISO what the other design in pragmatic terms with current tech could not.  But make no mistake, if it wasn't for that, the previous design would capture more data.  Why do you think Sigma talks about speeding up processing by *having to use LESS data*?

It will be very interesting to see samples from this sensor. If the subtle colour gradations associated with Foveon remain, it will kind of show that all the marketing done on the original Foveon ideas was exaggeration.

Instead it completely validates the idea with a simple twist on the concept that totally maintains the philosophy of capturing the full color spectrum.

No, it does not. If anything it admits the old X3 design does not scale up.

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