Quattro, missing the forest for the trees.

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Paul Petersen
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Quattro, missing the forest for the trees.

Thinking about the situation people have eluded to but maybe have not quite stated obiously.

Blue light has the shortest wavelengths there fore capable of carrying the most resolution. Even thought the human eyes is optimized for green resolution it may not translate will into building a technical and sharp image.

Foveon is a subtractive sensing system the top layer really sees all colors as someone else has stated, I don't have the time to quote. Photo diodes only detect photons not their wavelengths. The second layer should only detect photons from the green and red wavelengths. Leaving only the Red with the longest wavelengths able to propagate to the third layer.  It is the only layer that is only seeing only its designated color

Red light is 665 nm wavelength so that means its almost twice as wide as the with of one of the top level pixels on the new sensor so in reality we have surpassed the detectable limits so there really is no advantage in having full pixel stacks at each level. These 4.9 million photodiodes have about a 700nm size to capture full wave lengths.

Now the choice to do the same with the middle layer is a tougher call since its wavelength is 550 nm so something is being missed here potentially perhaps two pixels here might have worked but may have added more complexity for little real world benefit.

Besides very few lenses are delivering the resolution to fully utilize the power of a X3 sensor. So what is the point of wanting more if you can't realize it.

So get happy and shoot small raw if you still want full color it basically matches the old magic of the SD14/15 and pre Merrill DPs.

So if Sigma is Claiming this system delivers 30% more resolution than Merrill and the old thumb rule applies that it takes 30M bayer pixels to equal 15 X3 then that would extend out to needing almost 40M Bayer pixels to match the resolution of the Quattro. Currently nobody is building a greater than 24MP APS sized sensor. So the Quattro generation should close the gap on the 36mp FF Sony and Nikons.  Pretty impressive considering APS has about half the surface area as full frame.

Of course none of this matters until we see what the images from the cameras look like as far as resolution, color and dynamic range.

SDxx shooters can chill since an update won't happen until Photokina this fall since it will take Sigma most of the year to roll out the 3 DPxQuattros.


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