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Yes, it is a good model...

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

the resolution for green and red

1. There are no "blue green red" in Foveon. The layers are

Ψ1 = f1(Luminosity) + φ1(Blue)

Ψ2 = f2(Luminosity) + φ2(Yellow)

Ψ3 = f3(Luminosity) + φ3(Magenta)

2. Two bottom layers in the X3 arrangement are not sharp, especially the bottom one.

I understand there are no blue/red/green layers per se. But for the purpose of discussion of the new sensor I think it's a good model to consider as it carries the idea.

It doesn't carry the idea at all, it will confuse things greatly if you model the top layer as blue only, because the fact it is not is the whole reason you can still have a high level of acutence.

You can still have a high degree of acceptance in B&W and in color, perceived acceptance.

There's a reason why Sigma lists the layers in the specs as Top/Middle/Bottom and not B/G/R.

Sigma marketing clearly shows them as B/G/R even if they are not quite - but the point is, the layers are pretty much the same but less resolution than previous Foveon design. There's a reason why the previous Foveon had three layers. Something has to give, you won't be able to keep the exact pixel accutance for color vs what would have been a previous design.

To conclude otherwise it's just wishful thinking.  On the other hand, the previous sensor was so noisy in the reds, that it makes this design possibly a better tradeoff.

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