Weather sealing user’s expectations

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Re: Weather sealing user’s expectations

All good advice. While I have lived in cold climates (Alaska and Maine) I have never shot there. But I have shot in tropical rain forests (Central America, Philippines). All in the days before WR lenses of any type but in the days of weather-sealed film cameras in CA but not the Philippines. The level of sealing the cameras had determined whether your equipment was still working at the end of the expedition. The lenses tended to survive but their lack of sealing would often compromise some of the models of cameras used. In the Philippines in was before any kind of sealing, but the cameras were simpler, Canon FD, Pentax M42, and some others. Very little electronics so as long as the battery survived and moisture/condensation was handled things seemed to work.

I personally prefer to count on the WR function to protect the system as the last resort not as the main protection. If it gets past the rain covers and the desiccant packs only then should you count on the WR seals to protect it.

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